Feeling Friday

Hate, privilege and the eclipse

I am a private, introspective person by nature. I enjoy observing situations and keeping my opinions to myself. I like to keep things light and fun, sometimes at the expense of speaking my truth. However, considering recent events, as well as a long history in this country of similar hate-fueled incidents reported and unreported, I feel it is my responsibility as a citizen and human being to firmly and loudly take a stand against intolerance and violence whether it is outright and ostentatious or creeping and subtle. I feel lucky to have a forum, via this blog, to add my voice to the conversation. According to astrology, the recent eclipse heralds a new beginning for us all and a chance to shed old habits and explore new ways of dealing with problems. I have experienced several types of privilege in my life. I will certainly be thinking on that as well as my general tendency to bury my head in the sand when I feel powerless. I will be challenging myself to go beyond my comfort level and face hate with a clear message of love.


“Hate shrivels under strong light.”

—Southern Poverty Law Center, Ten Ways to Fight Hate (a very useful and inspiring pdf)

Feelings Friday

Feelings Friday is a semi-regular series where I take a break from fashion and lifestyle to share a little piece of my heart with you. It’s a little different every time. In the last post I talked about things that were inspiring me. Check it out here. This week I’m getting sentimental about small things…

Since I was a child I have been obsessed with tiny things. When I was young this meant that I spent hours in front of my dollhouse staging the perfect scenes. I was especially attracted to tiny food. In the dollhouse store, I would drool over intricately crafted miniature hams, delicate salads and iced cinnamon buns trying to decide where to spend my limited funds. I even crafted my own miniature food out of wax, glue and paper. I have to say, my sunny side up eggs were pretty cool.

Now that I am an adult, I still cherish small things both in the tangible and abstract sense. Through ever changing apartments, jobs and relationships, I have collected and carried a minuscule army of tiny mementos. Some were gifts, some found objects, some impulse purchases. Some have mysterious origins and some have origins I remember clearly. Now I look at them and I am awed that these little, seemingly insignificant items have endured without getting lost, falling out of favor or being broken. For sure, I have lost a lot of other things along the way, but it is reassuring that at least some things, no matter how defenseless they seem, will endure if someone cares. They also stand as a reminder, especially in times like these, not to forget the small things in everyday life and to bolster my hope that each tiny act of kindness we engage in will have impact.

xoxo Anna

Tiny things pictured: Eiffel Tower and “Love Wins” button, souvenirs from Paris; Tiny Lucky Cat, bought at Pearl River in NYC before it closed; Coral piece, picked up on a beach near Key West; Glass rune, Christmas gift from family member; Amethyst, found on a camp field trip to an amethyst mine when I was about 12. Feather and tiny dinosaur; origin unknown.

Feelings Friday

Today, I am taking a break from fashion to talk about something serious—your soul! Dum, dum, dum! But seriously, I’m starting this (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?) series to share some of the things that make me feel hopeful about our shared humanity, give me joy or just plain make me laugh. As we fight against injustice in our world, we can simultaneously find inspiration by immersing ourselves in the things that we are trying to protect. Here are a few things I’m following, reading, watching or doing…



Areeba Siddique’s Instagram feed featuring her amazing art journaling (among other things) is endlessly inspiring.

Taking simple actions


I have been making a concerted effort to compost my food scraps. It’s easier than you think and ridiculously satisfying. I like thinking about my scraps becoming soil that will nourish new plants. Just collect your food scraps and drop off at one of the many sites around the city. Click here for details on where to compost and what to include. Since I work in Union Square, I can compost on the way to work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at the Union Square Green Market. This has been a composting game-changer for me as I used to wait until Sunday to drop-off scraps in my neighborhood and it never seemed to get done.

Laughing (but also thinking)

This comic about deeply-held beliefs…

…had me laughing while digesting some uncomfortable truths.

Laughing (but also feeling thankful)

Summer chub-rub set to music (mildly NSFW)

This video from Miss Eave is on point! Made me feel less alone in my summer chub-rub struggle. It’s a real thing! The interview is interesting too.

Crying (but the good kind)

The Handmaid’s Tale

This series, currently airing on Hulu, has been around long enough that you have probably heard about it or are watching it. I read the book years ago and liked it, but I don’t think I appreciated the story it in the same way as I do now. This dark tale of a woman caught in a dystopian, misogynistic (to put it mildly) America, has brought up all sorts of feels for me. I’m only up to Epidsode 4, but the tears haven’t stopped flowing, I think because some of the themes feel so relevant to current struggles. It can be difficult to watch (I recently had to take a short break) but somehow feels important.

What are you immersing yourself in these days?