Black Impala

Hat, Forever 21, similar here; Dress, Everlane, here; Belt, H&M, similar here; Shoes, H&M, similar, here

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my first ethically-sourced item of clothing with you today—this awesome black tank dress from Everlane. I am really pleased with the purchase. It feels great and I think it would be flattering for any figure. I recently wore it on the plane for a 5-hour flight and it will be my new go-to for traveling as it is super comfortable and I didn’t feel like a complete mess when I arrived at my destination. Speaking of traveling, I will be spending the next month in Phoenix and then I’m off to St. Croix for a wedding. I will try to share as much as I can from these great locations.

xoxo Anna











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12 thoughts on “Black Impala

  1. Absolutely love the look! You wear it well and look very beautiful.. I especially enjoyed the note about travel. I have to be comfortable when traveling but that usually leaves me looking like a bum or begged. Seeing you in that dress told me I can up my travel game a bit. My style is a tad boho and your hat really sent that outfit down my ally! Love your post!

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  2. You look fabulous! Great idea to wear it for travel. That’s a good looking car too!
    ~ A.R.


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